To provide you with a quote, we will need some personal data from you and any other persons that are to be included in the quote.

All the questions we need for a quote are on this page, but additional information (including medical information) will be required later if you wish to continue with an application for insurance cover. Please take a look at our privacy policy before answering any questions and if you have any concerns, please contact us before proceeding.


    We use occupation to determine if we can offer cover and if so, under which plan. Type in the occupation and select the closest match from the list.

    Date of birth

    Cover is available for all ages between 18 and 59.

    Retirement age

    This can be any year between 50 and 70, as long as cover is due to last at least 5 years.

    Annual salary

    Please note that in the event of a claim we will need to gather evidence of personal taxable income in the 12 months immediately before the illness or injury. The financial assessment will be different if you select the Fixed Benefit Option or Minimum Benefit Guarantee – see the note below for more details.

    Waiting period

    Waiting period is the time between an illness or injury occurring and benefit being paid.


    Monthly tax free benefit payable in the event of illness or injury.


    With our products you have two options to fix the benefit you select, resulting in a simplified process in the event of a claim:

    1. Fixed benefit option - Up to 75% of the benefit you select can be fixed by providing financial evidence. This can be done within 12 months of the policy start date.
    2. Minimum benefit guarantee - Up to £1,000 of benefit can be fixed without providing any financial evidence during the application. This can be selected at outset only by clicking ‘Amend quote’ on the next screen. It is selectable on a 2-year Claim Period only.
    Monthly premium
    Claim period

    2 year – would pay out benefits for a maximum of two years on each claim, although multiple claims can be made for different illnesses or injuries.

    5 year – would pay out benefits for a maximum of five years on each claim, although multiple claims can be made for different illnesses or injuries.

    Full term – any claim could last right up until the policy finishing date.

    Premium option

    Age-costed reviewable premiums – increase with age and we can review and either increase or decrease them by any amount each year once the policy is 3 years old.

    Age-costed guaranteed premiums – increase with age, but the rates that determine premiums are guaranteed not to change.

    Level guaranteed premiums – do not increase with age and are guaranteed to remain the same throughout the policy term, before the impact of indexation is applied.


    If you choose the indexation option, we will adjust the monthly benefit each year based on the Retail Prices Index (RPI), which tracks the prices of consumer goods. The increase in benefit will lead to an increase in premiums.